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I support #GamerGate, and in these past months I’ve seen myself become something like a medium level player in its proceedings. Being one of the orchestrators of the #notyourshield tag as well as a general vocal figure on twitter, I feel like there’s a topic that I want addressed before we…


rosalina players be like


rosalina players be like


八雲藍 | 伊吹のつ [pixiv]*Permission given by the artist to upload their works.


八雲藍 | 伊吹のつ [pixiv]
Permission given by the artist to upload their works.






Youmu Konpaku


Youmu Konpaku






I’m crying.

LMAOOOOOOOOO the screaming in the beginning

"mr. owl"
"oh jesus christ"
"please don’t give me that look"
"please don’t fly"


That owl is 30000000% done

every time this video graces me with its presence i feel obliged to reblog it

never fails 

really good advertising for Swifer


On Sadness

In the end, this project will alway be entwined with Zoe Quinn. To the detriment of the project message, this will always be the duality. But it’s not really Us vs Her, but rather the culture that has been created around women. In the end, this project…




i kept scrolling to find out it was all just a back story for this gif

Doesn't it feel the slightest bit odd to be acting like 4chan has no problems with women whatsoever right after that whole "thing" with the photographs?


This is actually a very good time to discuss 4chan. And if there are any journalists following this Tumblr (There aren’t.) let me explain what 4chan is.

In real world terms 4chan is a very large corkboard, with a free copier next to it. People will use the photocopier to make posters, and then put in on the corkboard. If a poster is popular people will make a copy of the poster and add to it attaching it to the “original post”. If it’s not popular people will just place their new poster over the old.

The only rule is that no one is allowed to say their name.

The large corkboard or “board” is separated into various areas. There is an area about video games called /v/ there is an area called /pol/ where people post political incorrect things and there is a section called /b/ where random stuff goes. It is honestly one of possibly million of online boards that do this. And the real life equivalent corkboards outnumber even the internet versions.

When the celebrities phones were hacked, the hacker needed a way to have as many people see the photos as fast as possible. He knew that if they were stored in any one place they would be taken down. He needed it to spread virally. He decided 4chan would be the best place to do it because it was so popular and he could do it without leaving a trace.

The board is run by Christopher Poole who incidentally spoke at the XOXO Festival last year, the same festival that Anita Sarkeesian spoke at this year. When the FBI contacted Christopher Poole about the photos and he provided them with any necessary information they could use to find the hacker. 4chan moderators probably attempted to close the thread with the photos, but the damage had already been done and users had made copies.

The images that the hacker put up were saved and uploaded to multiple sites, including Imgur, Mega, and multiple porn sites. The story was covered by every single news outlet bringing visibility to the story.

The majority of people that viewed the pictures did not do it from 4chan. The hacker chose 4chan for its high visibility because he knew the photos would be taken down quickly. If 4chan didn’t exist he would have simply uploaded them to any other popular image sharing site, people would have made copies and the same thing would have happened.

So why do we accept money from 4chan? Because they had nothing to do with the hacking scandal except being a corkboard for the hacker to hang his pictures.

4chan is what I refer to as the collective unconsciousness of the Internet. Ideas are placed on it, and if they resonate with people they will add to it. If not they will be ignored. Idea’s that have a strong emotional effect are more likely to remain. Nothing is done for profit, or fame, things are only created because the user has the interest and they want to share their work with the world.

Anyone pretending they speak for 4chan is lying. We never asked 4chan to support us, we have never posted on 4chan except once and the post was taken down immediately because we did it wrong, all of it they chose to do on their own. We contacted Christopher Poole once asking if we were doing things right and he did not respond. The 4chan community created Vivian James on their own we accepted it.

Social Justice is about helping people, Social Justice Warriors are about finding an outlet for hate to increase ones own popularity. 4chan is an ideal thing to hate because it doesn’t have a face that you can watch cry out in pain, but it does act out in very emotional ways. 4chan is a horrible place for Social Justice Warriors to post since everything is anonymous you can’t get fame.  

To all the Social Justice Warriors that are angry at us showing that a group of random people with a shared interest can do the right thing. I’d like to point out SJW’s can run their own video game contest for female developers and if you have so many problems with how we ran ours then run yours better.